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Read this whole page for my REASONS for wanting to create a new social media website for REAL football fans. (And to see the Ronnie Lott video at the bottom)

Help the growth and long term maintenance of and help to keep it ONLY about FOOTBALL and NO POLITICS.

Are you a Football fan?

Maybe you’ve even played the game yourself?

Then please read…

I am sick and tired of OUTSIDE parties trying to destroy OUR GREAT AMERICAN GAME of FOOTBALL with filthy POLITICS!

My very first football memory as a young boy was being absolutely hypnotized watching Tony Dorsett on TV run 98 yards down the field for a Touchdown.

I’ll never forget it….and I was hooked.

When I was young, I played football in the rain, snow, hailstorms, on icy frozen ground, mud, gravel, concrete, turf, in the water, on the sand, in the bathtub, hell even in 120 degree Engine Rooms of Navy Submarines.

And I played in high school (see pictures below) on a turf that was basically made of glass fibers and gave you turf burns so bad that you had to keep peeling the scabs off for them to heal properly.

I’ve busted my lips, scarred my knees, chin and elbows, blackened my eyes, sprained my ankles, knees, and groin, suffered concussions, and have even had my heart broken once or twice (Super Bowl 40) for this game.

I definitely was not a great high school football player. But I’ve run drills that made me throw up and nearly pass out…I’ve done up-downs until the Coach got tired watching. I’ve run stairs (again, see picture) for missing blocks in practice. I’ve run lines, 40 yard dashes, 100 yard dashes, and 400 yard dashes. I’ve blocked on Ft. Knox drills, and crushed bags and souls on Burma Road drills.

I lettered two years in high school and my Letterman jacket literally still sits right here on the back of my desk chair as I write this.

I am a Seahawks fan. I remember Zorn to Largent TDs (just barely). The first Super Bowl I remember was 49ers-Cincinnati….and I mean the first one in ‘82.

I also grew up in a gang infested ghetto with a 90% poverty rate on the eastside of Tacoma, WA. I’m a white dude. Most of my best friends were black (yep, I’m going there). I watched the Redskins-Raiders Super Bowl in my best friend’s (a black dude) living room, with a bunch of other kids. We were all about 13 and younger.

When the National Anthem started to play before the game, HE told EVERYONE who was there to STAND UP, put their HANDS ON THEIR HEARTS…….and sing…………..literally, right there in his living room..

………and we did.

At that moment, I was suddenly hooked on something that felt far greater than even the game of football.

Friendship, Brotherhood, Humanity, and what our flag REALLY stands for.

HE taught ME that…at age 11

………man………….. I want those feelings back again

…back from the corrupt political monsters who are stealing them away from us.

Me making this site IS NOT politically motivated, and personally, I stopped voting for Politicians about 20 years ago because they’re ALL liars. I DON’T join Political Parties because to me they’re all basically just the snobbish, elitist version of the common street punks that I got into fights with when I was a kid. I don’t care which Political Party you choose to belong to and I sure as sh!t don’t care about what movement you follow…

…UNLESS that movement is FOOTBALL!

Let me be perfectly clear:

If you would like to talk about Colin Kaepernick’s truly incredible Rookie season where he came off the bench, mid-season, and unbelievably took a team that was struggling on Offense to the Super Bowl, then THAT’S GREAT!!!

PLEASE do that!

BUT if you want to talk about Colin Kaepernick’s SJW stuff, whether you believe in what he’s doing or not, then you WILL get BOUNCED from my site.

Was that clear enough?

Please understand I am NOT a website builder by Trade, nor a “Techie” of any sort, and I sure as heck do NOT understand how to code. But I did create a simple personal blog site last year, mostly for fun, so I do have SOME idea about what I’m doing and how to get operate and manager, and hopefully grow this website. (Talk about a TON of hard knocks, boy howdy!)

By the way, my concept is to have about all levels of football, from Peewee to Professional, and not just NFL, but also CFL, XFL (if it is able to come back), or even Euro leagues, just as long as it remains (American) FOOTBALL.

And I will BLOCK any and all WEBSITES from being posted on the site that are NOT Sports/Football related (yes, I can do that). I would also ask for help from all members to keep it FOOTBALL and report anything outside of what is basically BSing about Football and having fun trashing each other, or just talking football online with other football fans.

For you Facebook bots, trust me, this website will in no way ever come even remotely close to competing with Facebook, because of the mega global monster that Facebook is. But, I have made the format, more or less, to be similar to how Facebook is because, frankly, it’s a really great social media site in terms of design and most people are familiar with it. Also, honestly, why reinvent the wheel?

(Look for a Ronnie Lott video at the bottom of this page)

Lastly, Let me just say this…I truly believe in the POWER of FOOTBALL to bring ALL PEOPLE together, to share in a COMMON love and passion for something, but STILL allow us to be fiercely competitive with the fans of the other teams who, of course, we ABSOLUTELY want to all BEAT DOWN like a Ronnie Lott HIT!

But when it comes to being a football fan, the most important thing to understand, is that we are ALL brothers and sisters of the game.

A humble Fan of the Game

YouTube Video => Number 11: Ronnie Lott | The Top 100: NFL’s Greatest Players (2010) | NFL Films

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