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Is Tom Brady REALLY the GOAT, or was he just really good at Math?

Look, I know that this is a ridiculous argument at this point because pretty much no one cares, but there’s no great secret why Tom Brady won so many SBs and it’s definitely not because he’s any more special of a QB than anyone else.

He simply took home town discounts so that other more talented teammaters could get paid. This isn’t a conspiracy theory or even a stretch for those who know and understand it, but he’s never taken more than 13.6% of his team total salary cap, and most years it’s FAR lower, when most good-to-great QBs are in the 16%-20%. That seems like a small margin, but he’s proven it’s not.

You can say what you want about Tom Brady but one thing he’s not is greedy….unless it’s being greedy about winning, and he’s definitely that.

Gotta respect him for that at least, I guess *shrugging*.

But this is also why measuring a QB’s greatness like this based only on SBs alone, in a team sport worth billions, is really kind of ridiculous.

But let’s let the kids have their fun 🙂

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